Zipten – Midnight Walk

(Last Updated On: December 24, 2020)

Italian music keeps providing us with the gems and thanks to Zipten; the country is still on the electronic map with his new release ‘Midnight Walk’ spreading like wildfire.

Taking hints from some of the greats in the game, Zipten also opens up a new chapter in his career, he delves down a new route, and he sticks to it, unlike his previous releases. Furthermore, at one point previously, I believed that Zipten was the person who never really knew what he wanted from his music; thus, he would take many paths often quickly starting something before jetting off someplace else. However, on ‘Midnight Walk’ the mix stays somewhat condensed all the way through. It has a pattern which flows, and I think this is a good move for the producer.

Within the track, we hear plenty of fresh sounds popping out. Furthermore, in the opening section, the beat takes up the centre point, and a groovy synth bass sways to the cadence, pushing the track forward. Suddenly, the mix becomes a lot clearer, and the sounds spread out in their own corners and Zipten gives each one its chance to shine as the track progresses. However, one component which keeps popping out is the sax, and it provides the record with an edgy 80s feel.

Overall, ‘Midnight Walk’ fills me with joy, and it brings the smile back to my face. I have needed it recently with COVID-19 still dominating society. Also, I enjoy that Zipten takes us far from the modern world, and as a result, I cannot seem to let go of it!