Young Mexicann’s latest album ‘Red Dream’ is all set to be released

(Last Updated On: March 4, 2021)

Hailing from Haw River, North Carolina. Young Mexicann is getting ready to release hit new album titled Red Dream. He hasn’t released a album in 3 years! We’re excited to see how much he was grown musically. He has been absent in the music scene for almost 2 years. He came back with a single named Redd, which did some good numbers.

Young Mexicann's latest album 'Red Dream' is all set to be released

He has been teasing this new project showing fans multiple snippets. Kloey Vaughn, yrksamurai, & more are set to debut with Young Mexicann’s Album. Kloey Vaughn a beautiful singer as we heard in the snippets. Yrksamurai and talented lyricist as we heard in the snippet. Young Mexicann said “I will show you all my true talent on this album, it will be my best album to date”. And fans are excited to see what he has up his sleeve. Young Mexicann started making music at the age of only 13! And saw success almost immediately after releasing his first single titled, What’s Love. He went on to collaborate with artists such as JustMeJBK, Marvel Boy, Shiloh Dynasty, Sauce Kidd, & many more. He also is the only famous person to be from Alamance, North Carolina. Ever since the Rapper has been releasing singles with his most successful single to date being “What”. It has accumulated hundreds of thousands of streams. He was heavily criticized for his music. People would always talk down on him and he never cared, he kept pushing, kept working, and it all paid off in the end.

His musical influences are, Phora, Trippie Redd. He stated “those two make me who i am” As of now the North Carolina Rapper is working on his Album Red Dream. We will keep y’all updated once the Album has released.

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