Yahya Farid Dropped Another Fresh Single ‘Nayi Azaadi’

(Last Updated On: August 28, 2017)

After some gap finally Yahya Farid back again with a brand new song Nayi Azaadi released under the banner of MuzEnt Media.

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Yahya Farid Dropped Another Fresh Single 'Nayi Azaadi'

Theme of Song

The theme of the song is the freedom one experiences on joining a university/college and living in a hostel for the first time. The feeling is unique and has a paradigm shift in a person’s life. I think that the song reflects my own experience of leaving my home for the first time, living alone without the support of my family, meeting new people, having a lot of time to yourself etc and just realizing that hostel life is beautiful but it got its own complexities and responsibilities such as respecting diversity and tolerating opposing viewpoints.

Nayi Azaadi Song Credits

Track – Nayi Azaadi
Singer – Yahya Farid
Composition – Yahya Farid
Mixed and Mastered at HandMade Studios
Guitars – Yahya Farid and Naveed Masood
Bass – Naveed Masood
Post – MuzEnt Media

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