Yaara is back with ‘Meri Marzi’

(Last Updated On: May 17, 2019)

Prepare to revert back to your desi rap mode, ‘coz your favourite Desi artist Yaara is back with his choice aka ´Meri Marzi’

After weeks of teasing and social media updates updates, the rapper announced on Facebook that the new banger recipe had officially dropped – and his supporters and fans are already loving it, with some saying the catchy banger is reminiscent of his humorous nature and desi swagger!

His flow in this collaboration some say, is similar to Indian Hip Hop mogul Emiway, but his fans believe that it is his high pitch unique voice that gives it a new flavour. Also, he is seen using funny slang and punches like no one ever does!

On asking YAARA said ´ Meri Marzi, Meri Gaana, Mera Swag ‘
Nevertheless, everyone is enjoying the uniqueness and catchy vibes of this amazing song!