Women-on-Wheels Motorbike Subsidy Scheme

(Last Updated On: January 22, 2018)

The Chief Minister’s Strategic Reforms Unit has launched its much awaited program by the name of ‘Women on Wheels: Motorbike Subsidy Scheme’, as Phase 2 of its Women-on-Wheels project.

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Women on Wheels - Call For Applications

The campaign has been launched in collaboration with the Transport Department and Bank of Punjab. The campaign aims to provide women in Punjab, more than 3000 customized motorbikes at subsidized rates through a 100% transparent balloting process. Candidates can apply for the campaign starting from today, 22nd January 2018 uptil the deadline of 25th February 2018. The campaign is solely geared towards the Punjab Chief Minister’s promise to deliver women’s empowerment, to serve as a powerful counter narrative at a time when bigotry and attacks on women have dominated headlines in the country.

SRU introduced the Women-on-Wheels initiative in collaboration with the respective City Traffic Police and District Governments in November 2015 to empower women through provision of free motorcycle trainings. The campaign has been launched in Lahore, Multan, Faisalabad, Rawalpindi and Sargodha where it has trained over 3000 women and continues to train further candidates.

To avail subsidized motorbikes, eligible women must be between the age of 18-40, must possess a valid learner’s license or actual license and must be domiciled in Punjab. The candidate must also either be employed/own a business or be studying or permanently residing in any of the following five districts (for the campaign’s first phase): Lahore, Multan, Sargodha, Faisalabad and Rawalpindi. Any candidate who is serving as an employee/business-owner, or student or permanent resident of any district besides these, will not be eligible for the pilot project. Moreover, the applicant’s income should not exceed Rs. 30,000 and in case she is a student, her guardian or household’s monthly income should not exceed Rs. 30,000. In case the Applicant is a student, express Consent of Parent/Guardian on application form with one Guarantor, where the Guarantor can be a parent or guardian, is required. The applicant must possess a valid Secondary School Certificate/Matriculation Certificate.

All relevant documentation including Passport sized photograph, Valid CNIC, Punjab Domicile Certificate, Secondary School/Matriculation Certificate, and in case of Student, an Affidavit stating that Maximum income does not exceed Rs. 30,000 alongwith Rs. 3000 nonrefundable application fee needs to be submitted to BoP branches. The following branches can be contacted for submission of documents: GC University Branch and Madina Town Branch in Faisalabad, Gulgasht Colony Branch and Model Town Branch in Multan, Gule Akra Plaze Branch and U.A.A.R Campus Branch in Rawalpindi, and Club Chowk Branch and University Road Branch in Sargodha. In Lahore, applicants can submit documents to any of the following branches: New Muslim Town Branch, MM Tower Branch, University of Education-Township Branch, Services Hospital Branch and DHA Phase VI Branch.

The Government of the Punjab will be providing equity subsidy of Rs. 24,975 and 100% Markup on the motorbike. The Applicant will make Down Payment worth of Rs. 27,000 and payment in 12 easy installments of Rs. 1,856 monthly. The Motorbikes will be customized pink, CD-70 Dream Motorbikes with additional features including leg guards and a carrier bag.

Women interested in availing the trainings can visit any of SRU & Punjab Traffic Police training centres. These include the following: 1122 Training Facility, Shama Chowk, Ferozepur Road, Lahore; Mela Ground, Fish Market, Dolat Gate Chowk, Multan; F9 Park, Rawalpindi; University of Agriculture, Faisalabad; and Police Lines Ground, Sargodha.

To announce successful candidates, the Punjab Chief Minister will conduct the balloting process, himself, to be broadcasted live. The successful applicants are expected attain to a valid license to avail the motorbikes consequent to the balloting. These candidates will then participate in Women-on-Wheels Mega Rally to proclaim a powerful statement by the Punjab Chief Minister that women have equitable, free and safe access to public spaces.

Ultimately the aim of the WoW campaign is to promote mobility of women in Punjab and empower them to be independent individuals who can participate in decision making processes on their own and exercise their agency freely.