Why Bohemia Forbade his Fan to Degrade Yo! Yo! Honey Singh

(Last Updated On: December 16, 2016)

The reason behind writing this post is fight between the fans of BOHEMIA the Punjabi rapper and Yo! Yo! Honey Singh, I have visited fan page of both artists many time and every time when I was surfing their pages I observed that their fans were abusing eachother in comments. While there is no reason except that some of them like Bohemia while other like Honey Singh. So, I planed to write an article on this topic but before that I want to write little bit about both famous stars.



Bohemia is the Pakistani American rapper and music producer lives in California. He started his musical career in 2002 with his first ever album Vich Pardesan Dey which reached the Top 10 chart on BBC Radio. Later He released many other hits album and Bohemia also produced four songs for bollywood including “Chandni Chowk to China”, I Got the Picture, Subah Hone Na De. But then bohemia refused to do any song for bollywood movies.

Why Bohemia Forbade his Fan to Degrade Yo! Yo! Honey Singh

I am my self addicted to songs of Bohemia because his lyrics are just awesome; he defines the reality of life in most of his songs. He calls him self Punjabi Rap Da Badshah and indeed there is no doubt that he is the king and creature of Punjabi rap and gave an inspiration to many people of Pakistani and India to do rap songs. Before him there was no one who did Rap in Punjabi or Urdu.

His style of rapping is different and unique than all other desi rappers. He writes his songs, also makes music and composition for his songs by his own.

Yo! Yo! Honey Singh:

Honey Singh is the Indian rapper, music producer and actor. He started his career as a music producer but after that he became the rapper and produced many songs. Then he turned him on the way of bollywood. Honey singh produced many hit songs for bollywood movies due to which he became the most popular artist. Thus in every movies his songs were taken.


Honey Singh also made his group named “Mafia Mundeer” whose members were Yo! Yo! Honey Singh, Badshah, Raftaar, Alfaaz, J-star, Money Aujhla. While Badshah, Raftaar and J-star left the mafia mundeer and started their own career.

If I compare him with bohemia then there is no comparison between them because Bohemia makes everything for song by using his own mind while Honey Singh just makes the music.

Bohemia is Giving Respect to Honey Singh:

After a concert of bohemia his some fans were meeting him. One of his fan was talking with him and then bohemia asked him something about the Honey Singh and he answered back; “I don’t listen to Honey Singh. I just hate honey singh”. Then bohemia forbade him to degrade the honey singh. Bohemia said;

“As today you came to meet me once ago honey also came to meet me. Today what became is all about him. None helped him, if you want to be something then do your work with passion and don’t care what other says about you”

You can watch this video in which Bohemia is giving respect to Honey Singh.

After watching the video now this question is raised that “Bohemia was saying truth or not?” then answer of this question is “Yes he was saying truth” Because when Bohemia started Punjabi rap and did a concert in India for first time then honey came to his concert and met him. You can see the shot of that concert.

Honey Singh Was Attending Bohemia’s Concert

Final Words:

So, it was a little report in which I mention why Bohemia forbade his fan to degrade Yo! Yo! Honey singh and also uploaded a picture for prove that Honey was fan of Bohemia. If you like these reports then kindly share it with your friends because it helps us a lot. Till next post stay blessed

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