We’ve Lost Another Young Soul

(Last Updated On: August 22, 2020)

Life is a precious thing, but I wonder how easily people anyone’s live or commit suicide. We’ve just lost Maha Shah who was a young doctor and blogger as well.

We've Lost Another Young Soul

According to initial reports, She was founded dead at home, a few hours returning from the hospital she finished her night shift at. Earlier her death was declared as suicide, however evidence has come to light, it may be a murder.

Pakistani actress Ushna Shah took this matter to Twitter and posted a tweet.

She posted another tweet in which she said. “In Pakistan, it isn’t uncommon for women to be killed in domestic or “honour” disputes & for their murders to be ruled as suicide, with no justice served. Please don’t let this young doctor be added to that statistic.”

We, here at MuzEnt, praying for the departed soul, may ALLAH grant her higher rank in Jannah, and we are hoping to get her murderer behind the bars if she got murdered.