Waheed Murad Is Still In Our Memories After 32 Years

(Last Updated On: November 23, 2015)

We had lost Megastar and Chocolaty Hero of Pakistan Film industry 32 years ago but still Waheed Murad is alive in our hearts.

Waheed Murad Is Still In Our Memories After 32 YearsWaheed Murad got his education in Karachi and after that waheed murad took his start toward film industry by his first movie Insan Badalta Hai and then Waheed Murad appeared in Aulaad but in 1966 he worked in Armaan as a hero and that movie of Waheed Murad broke all records and was playing in cinemas for 75 weeks. Ko Ko Koreena and many other songs of Ahmed Rushdi became super hits because of Armaan. The perfect team of Waheed Murad, Pervaiz Malik, Masroor Anwar, Sohail Rana, Ahmed Rushdi & Zaiba produced many super hit movies of the time later.

For twenty years he remain as chocolaty hero but when sun of 1970 raised and it fall down the shiny career of Waheed Murad because husbands of Zaiba, Shabnam, and Nisho didn’t allow them to work along waheed murad. Due to which waheed murad had to work as a side hero with Nadeem and Muhammad Ali. Waheed didn’t bear this behavior of those actress. In 1983 he faced a sever accident in which he remained safe but got a wound on his face.

The producers once who wait for him was now ignoring him, Waheed Murad was very dishearted due to this type of rude behavior of industry and then morning 23 November, 1970 he was died in his room But still Waheed Murad is alive in our hearts.

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