Vidiya Balan is Coming to Pakistan in September

(Last Updated On: June 24, 2015)

Vidiya Balan is coming to Pakistan in SeptemberAfter seeing her popularity and huge fan following Pakistan Vidya have planned to come in Pakistan where she will meet with her fans. According nearer sources of Vidiya she will be going after get invitation from a multinational company and in this journey Divya Dutta will also be with her. Talking about this matter vidiya told to media talk;

There are huge fans of me from Pakistan which love me and also love my movies. I am in love with my work and I spend all my time till my shot wouldn’t be shooted according to my desire.” In previous days media gave her the degree of doctorate as a tribute of her work in film industry.

When Vidiya completed her Ten Years in Bollywood, one of her fan from dehli to went to her home in Bombay for meeting with her. Where her fan gifted a scrape book to vidya which contains everything about her ten years of career.Not this she was standing outside of the home for a half day and after that she met with vidiya and gave her this precious gift.

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