UZAIR’s Exclusive Interview on MuzEnt

(Last Updated On: November 1, 2016)

Today we are going to share exclusive interview of person behind hit songs like Jindri, Dil Da Haal, Akhaan and many more in the list. Yes you’re right we are talking about Uzair who gave us such successful songs. So, here you go

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UZAIR's Exclusive Interview on MuzEnt

Q1: Welcome To
Ans: Thank You so much for inviting me on muzent.
Q2: How are you?
Ans: I am cool.
Q3: What are you doing now a days?
Ans: Right now working on my new album which will be completed very soon.
Q4: What was your debut song?
Ans: My debut single was Rangbaazi.

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Q5: What was your feeling when you released your debut song?
Ans: Well, I was feeling very positive because I knew this industry and I’ve strong belief on Allah.
Q6: Who helped you in music industry?
Ans: Yes a lot of people from industry helped me, some of them are Saqib Saddique, Shajar Fakhar, Ustad Hussaini, Faisal Khan, Mian Sallahudi Salli, Sultana Appa, My Sister and my best friend Rameez.
Q7: What are your future plans for music?
Ans: Obviously, there is very strong planning for future. Very soon you will hear my voice in bollywood.
Q8: What message you want to give to new artists?
Ans: Never think that you can’t do this thing, Just believe on Almighty and do every thing with passion.
Q9: Anything you want to say for your fans?
Ans: For my fans I will just say that Today what Uzair is because you guys.