This TVC Ad Will Make You Cry (Wash The Label)

(Last Updated On: December 22, 2016)

On everyday we see different type of commercial and ads on TV screen but today we are going to share a TVC ad video which will make you cry, The title of this ad is Wash The Label by Ariel Pakistan.

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This TVC Ad Will Make You Cry (Wash The Label)

Ariel Wash The Label TVC Credits

Title: Wash The Label
Client: Ariel Pakistan
Artist: Nimra Khan
Video: BodyBeat Production
Post: MuzEnt Media

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Story of this Ad

The video of this commercial took it’s start when Nimra Khan came into house of her colleague Kiran and she thought no one is in the home and said to herself “Whoa! Madam Ka Ghar Dekh Kay Lagta Hai Sohail Saab Ki Chamchi Honay Ka Sahi Faida Utha Rahi Hai“, but Kiran’s mother was sitting on a chair beside and asked her; “Tum Kiran Kay Office Se Ayi Ho?” and gave the contract files to Nimra Khan.

But what happened next? That is a secret which you can watch in the video below and I am pretty sure it will bring tears in your eyes. If you like this commercial Wash The Label video then also share it with your friends.