TV One Releases ‘Ishq Ramazan’ OST featuring Sahir Lodhi

(Last Updated On: May 26, 2017)

Since Tv One have two giants in their own separate fields fronting our transmissions, TvOne decided to showcase their strengths individually. For the iftar transmission, they had the most popular performer, anchor, host, actor and celebrity Sahir. So they crafted a story that leveraged not only his skill set, but also what he holds dear – family and the love for the common man.

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TV One Releases 'Ishq Ramazan' OST featuring Sahir Lodhi
And what a performance he has delivered! It’s a transformative story that reflects all of us who are perhaps too busy chasing career goals to be able to fully appreciate relationships and people who truly matter. Like it happens in real life, our protagonist is jolted by a trauma and transforms into a loving, caring individual. That’s the kind of transformation our transmission is all about.

The video was shot over three days in various locations across Karachi and then presented to research. Learnings from research went into an additional day of shooting in very awami locales. The final film is guaranteed to give goosebumps.


Yes! This is none other than @sahir_lodhi . one of the stills from the #IshqRamazan OST @tvonepk #SahirLodhi #RamazanTransmission #QaseedaBurdaSharif #MuzEnt

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For seher transmission They’ve been fortunate over the last 5 years to have an established scholar (the only sehri host on tv who has religious credentials) Shabbir who enjoys a following they crafted his story to reflect his academic and social skill set. It symbolizes what he does every night in his sehri transmission. Viz. bringing people joy and enlightenment in a somber, subtle way.

Both stories boost the soulful rendition of the OST by Shafqat Amanat Ali and will hopefully be tugging at heartstrings of both the devout audiences as well as the moderately religious ones.

Watch Official Video of Ishq Ramazan OST on Tv One