TRP Musical Trap is the future of Independent Record Labels!

(Last Updated On: March 22, 2019)

TRP Musical Trap is one of the best emerging label with loads of potential talent, a huge audience and one of a kind varied catalogue of music genres from all over the world.

TRP Musical Trap is the future of Independent Record Labels!

Launched in 2011, they have been dropping the sickest tracks that the underground music scene has to offer. With over 2OK+ subscribers on their YouTube channel and shakin’ up the underground label world, they’ve proven that the language barriers in the  music world are nothing but a hoax. They have been featuring artists who come from various linguistic states of India, and other countries as well. Be it Hindi, Punjabi or English, they’ve been unifying the artists, with the language of music.

 Ravneet Singh , Star Boy Loc , Music Mg, Millind Gaba, Manjeet Singh ,Romi Vee, Pretty Bhullar, Sharry Hans ,Puneet Kohil are some of the Punjabi OG’s they’ve featured.

Star Boy Loc, Spunk are some of the mainstream Hip-Hop artists who’ve worked with the label and who deeply acknowledge their stuff. 

Many underground Hip-Hop Artists from around the globe have got their music released from this label. Kingfrom98 , Tony K , Marco Park’s,Yogi , Tyler Loyal, Teddy, Stevielo,Saint Soldier,Alice Gray,Ryte,Cadre,Ben Great are some of the few names.

TRP Musical Trap Records is surely gonna make it big in the coming years, and this is just the beginning. Keep an eye on their YouTube channel, and don’t forget to subscribe to avoid missing out on bangers.