Tougher, Better, Stronger.

(Last Updated On: September 23, 2019)

Inculcating the habit of boarding the fitness journey came around once again at the biggest platform in this regard by none other than Wheatable Body Makeover Challenge season seven curated by Body Beat Recreational Center. It was an absolutely heated affair with intense challenges.

The attendees included A-list trainers including Muhammad Wasif, Bilal Munir, Nusrat Hidayatullah, Shehzar Mohammad, Mustafa Totana, Rizwan noor Nasir Inayat Khan, Maha Hussain and lots of fitness enthusiasts including Momal Sheikh, Komal Rizvi, Maya Khan Rind & Fatima Hasan.It was a house full and all the attendees made it news all over social media. The challenges were mean and everyone gave each other some serious competition for exciting prizes by Wheatable and Armitron .

Tougher, Better, Stronger.

Body Makeover Challenge is a fitness platform promoting health, fitness and promising results. Their HIIT (High Intensive Interval Training Program) led by Muhammad Wasif, one strict routine with rigorous training that will make you reach your goals in no time.

This competition was not for the faint hearted. Moreover, where we saw competition, attendees were seen indulging in healthy treats and purchased some statement pieces from class apart merchandise by Spartan and Peachwearpk. It was one heck of an evening, special thanks to DJ for playing the beats and livening up the event.