Top 3 Songs Of 2015 Containing Great Messages

(Last Updated On: November 10, 2015)

Every year you may hear brand new songs by different singers but today we are going to share a report on MuzEnt in which you will get to know about Top 3 Songs Of 2015 Containing Great Messages. But one thing I want to clear that we are not going to categorize them by numbers that this song should be on number one spot and the other song should be on last spot. Nay, we can’t do it because all three songs of 2015  contains great messages and their messages are different from eachothers.

So, here we are going to share the list of Top 3 Songs Of 2015 Containing Great Messages

#1 Ayaan By TaZzZ:


Well TaZzZ done a great job by producing Ayaan song. While Priti Menon has been also featured in this song along with TaZzZ. The song starts with these lines “Joh bhi tere khwaab saare, jee le tu oh meri jaan” which gives us a hope that we can fulfill our dreams if we want to.

TaZzZ Ayaan

After that TaZzZ’s rap start which contains the whole message of Ayaan song. His rap starts from this line “Listen, you could be whatever you want” Its mean that he is conveying and telling us that we can do anything we desire for.You can read full Review of Ayaan Song on our blog.

#2 Jago Pakistan By Waqar Raaj:

This song takes it start by a which can raise our emotions very high and that line is “Pakistan Ka Matlab Kya? LA ILLA HA ILLAH”.

Jago Pakistan By Waqar Raaj

In this song you will observer that Waqar Raaj is trying us to say that now we should awake and we have to do something for our country otherwise time can repeat it self. Moreover he also put light on all that aspects due to which we became Slaves of Angrez. So, you should must listen this song.

#3 Mat Jaa by Brothers Hood:

This song is produced by two brothers Ali Sagar & Ahmed Sagar and I think till now its the best creation of their band. In Mat Ja song they have gave us a message that Violence Against Women Is Not Our Culture. While MNI Pro nailed the video by giving a very logical idea.

Mar Ja by Brothers Hood

When the very first time I watched the video of Mat Ja in their studio I was not able to say anything about the song and video because it contains a great message and I am sure that If you will watch and hear Mat Ja song then it will make you cry. You can our brief Mat Ja Detailed Review.


In this article we have shared the list of Top 3 Songs Of 2015 Containing Great Messages and we tried our best to create this list. I hope you will like our work and if you think our work is worthy then show your love by sharing this list with your friends and family.

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