Top 3 Pakistani Rappers With Great Passion

(Last Updated On: December 31, 2015)

The rap music in not just famous in English people but it has it’s own popularity among the Asians. No matter it’s in English or in Urdu and Punjab, people listen to this genre of music because in rap they like to tease their haters. Besides this Rap Music is playing great role in recent musical career of film industry by producing party songs for the movies.

List Of Top 3 Pakistani Rappers:

Today here I am going to share a list of Top 3 Pakistani Rappers With Great Passion, in which you will get to know about them and their hardwork and all the problems which they have faced while making their career. So here we go:

#1 Bohemia:

It’s not a name but it’s a brand, everyone know who is creater of rap music in Pakistan & India. So, I don’t have to mention that BOHEMIA is the only Badshah of Punjabi Rap. He took his start alone and now you can observe that many well known artists from india and Pakistan wants to work with him but he just do that things which are original.


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Bohemia call his self a street poet and hence he proved that in his song by his lyrics. The song like Veera gave us a message that it’s not only a battle of one person but all of us have been infected by external affects. In short every song of Bohemia has a strong message.

No matter which type of music Asian artists are making but they are still copying Bohemia.

#2 TaZzZ:

The Radha boy TaZzZ is another Pakistani British rapper who took his start with radha and after than he produced many hits songs like Teardrops, Tere Bina and many other songs.


But in 2014 he produced a song Ayaan which gave us a strong message about the life that how we have to live and what we have to do in our life. Ayaan Song should be listened by every pakistani because TaZzZ did a great job but we still didn’t appreciate.

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In new year he is going to producer another song which will more bigger than his Ayaan Song.

#3 Young Stunners:

The Young Stunner is a real stunner in real life. He came out on a mission in rap industry. one of his song Naraaz Na Hona will make you cry which he sung for giving tribute to Martyrs of Aps. One of his another song Tu Ne Mere Jaana is also a romantic song but he also produced songs like Manshiyat which gave us strong message.


We are looking future of Talha Yunus aka Young Stunners bright and he will take his name on another level.

Final Words:

So, it was the list about the top 3 Pakistani rappers and I hope you will give like and share to this list. And many people will say there is something wrong in this list but make sure you’ve listened all three rappers with your heart before you say anything about the list.

Don’t forget to share this list of top 3 Pakistani rappers with your friends and family so more and more people know about them.

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