Top 10 Most Sexiest Actresses of Pakistan (Updated List 2017)

(Last Updated On: February 18, 2017)

If you think that Pakistani actresses are not enough to compete the Bollywood actresses then You are Wrong because Pakistani women are more sexier than women of any other country if I talk about the showbiz then we have a lot sexy queens of lollywood. So, today we are going to publish the exclusive and updated list of Top 10 Sexy Pakistani Actresses but before sharing the list I want to make a request that if You find any mistake or think we have updated list wrongly then kindly let us know so we can make changes in the list.

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Note: We didn’t create this list on the basis of bold characters or by looking figure etc but the thing which were in our mind was their beauty.

Top 10 Sexiest Actresses of Pakistan :

#10 Ayesha Omar:

Ayesha Omar was born in October 12, 1981 and took her start as model and actress on Tv back in 2002 and then she also moved toward the singing. But the majority of fame she got from the drama serial Bulbulay. Ayesha Omar is on the spot 10 for sexiest actresses of Pakistan.

Ayesa Omar Photos


#09 Nimra Khan:

The spot nine for most sexiest actress is taken by Nimra Khan who took her start in 1990 from Lahore television center while still she is doing a lot of good work in the showbiz and still she is sexy as nimra khan was in 1990.

Nimra Khan Engagement


#08 Iman Ali:

Iman Ali came in showbiz in 2000 while she was in December 19, 1977. Iman Ali took her start from her debut film Khuda Kay liye and she also played supporting role in Bol movie as well. Iman Ali is the 8th most sexiest lollywood actress.

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Iman Ali Sexy Pakistani Actresses


#07 Sana Javed:

Sana was born in March 25, 1983 and came in showbiz in 2011 as a model and actress and did many famous seriels of the time and still she is the sexiest girl of the lollywood. Sana Javed got 7 number for most sexiest actress of Pakistan.

Sana Javed Sexy Pakistani Actresses


#06 Maya Ali:

Well spot nine for sexiest actress of lollywood is taken by Maya Ali who born in July 27, 1989 and one thing more which should be noted is that Maya Ali took her start as model in 2011 and then she moved herself toward VJ and then finally she became actress and the actress who is very sizziling still now. Maya Ali is on spot 06 as a sexiest pakistani actress.
maya ali.

Maya Ali Photoshoot


#05 Humaima Malick:

The real game is started from now. Who is not aware to humaima? Humaima came in industry back in 2009 as a model and then in 2011 she did her debut film Bol which gave her another world of fame and still she is cashing that fame. We can imagine how much sexy humaima is? because she had worked against Imran Hashmi in a bollywood movie. While Humaila Malik is the 5th Sexiest Pakistani actress of the time.

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Humaima Malick Sexy Pakistani Actress

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#4 Mehwish Hayat:

Mehwish Hayat is a Pakistani actress, model and singer. Mehwish Hayat was born in January 6, 1983 and she has worked in She has also worked in films like Insha’Allah and Jawani. She is famous for her bold dance which gave her another fame. Mehwish Hayat is on number 4 for most sexiest pakistani actress in lollywood.

Mehwish Hayat


#3 Saba Qamar:

Who is not aware to Saba Qabar? Her real name is Sabahat Qamar, she born in April 5, 1984 and came in showbiz in 2004.  Her versatility and professionalism has made her one of the most critically acclaimed, loved actresses in Pakistan. She has appeared in a variety of television dramas and advertisements. Saba Qamar got third postion for most sexiest Pakistani actress.


Saba Qamar

#2 Sara Loren:

Sara Loren born in December 11, 1985 and came in showbiz industry as a model but then after sometime she moved to acting and became famous actress in very less time then she went to india where she worked in many bollywood movies and got some bold and  kisses scene due to which Sara Loren got second spot as a sexiest actress in Pakistan.

Sara Loren


#1: Mahnoor Baloch:

Mahnoor Baloch born in July 14, 1970 and she took her start in 1985 from Karachi television center now she is also doing direction of many projects and in Past she has done many iconic drama serials which became the reason of her fame. Mahnoor Baloch is the most sexiest sexiest actress in Pakistan.

Mahnoor Baloch


So, in this article we have shared the exclusive list of top 10 Sexy Pakistani Actresses of (2016) and I hope you will like this list. We need your comments and suggestions and don’t forget to share this list on your social media.