(Last Updated On: May 26, 2018)

Tony Gaither also known by his stage name “Tone$” was born May 14th 1994 the Saturday before mother’s day in Charlotte, N.C.


He doesnt remember anything about it because he moved to Philadelphia not to long after his birth. He fell in love with music at five years old. His mother enrolled him into percussion in first grade and after that a star was born.

He is the middle child of 7 and it wasnt easy growing up for him because of the struggles he and his family had to deal with. To tell his whole story we would need a 300 page biography or 7-10 studio albums. He is a positive soul to be around and you can alwayz count on him to shed light on a dark situation. He was always the goof of the class and the most enthusiastic. He is Christian & believes that love powers all. He loves any form of art so he loves to read, write, draw, paint, cook, dance, dress, film, skate etc.

He has songs from when he was in third grade all the way till this day. So dig up his music, dance videos, art etc. & you’ll love what you find.

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