Timi Tamminen

(Last Updated On: May 26, 2018)

Timi Tamminen is a 24-year old Finnish artist/producer with a knack for multi-instrumentalism and versatile writing. Having moved to London to seek out his career in the music business, his sound blends the many flavours of hip hop and rock into a fresh, vivid mix.

Timi Tamminen

Tamminen uses his singing ability in a whole range of ways, and the focus of his songs is often on his voice and the varying arrangements and harmonic structures.

Offering a darker alternative perspective to the party culture and the drug consumption of the younger generation, “Generation Zero” is Timi Tamminen’s infectious new single. The song morphs into an amalgamation of booming 808s, dreamy guitar textures and melodic vocal hooks, tackling the theme of the song with a slight tinge of irony and cynicism.

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