‘Timberline and Mountain Crest’ Album Review

(Last Updated On: December 5, 2018)

It’s been a time since we had not reviewed any music video or song but today we are back again with a brand new album ‘Timberline and Mountain Crest’ by very talented Forest Robots. So, let’s start the review of the album.

'Timberline and Mountain Crest' Album Review

‘Timberline and Mountain Crest’ Info

Emmasierra Songs presents the sophomore effort, and second album in 8 months, from electronic music artist Forest Robots, “Timberline and Mountain Crest”. Following the critical success of the debut album, “Supermoon Moonlight Part One”, Forest Robots (nee Fran Dominguez) continues to stress the importance of establishing a deep connection with Nature with an even wider sound palette. While the first album included a strong dynamic between electronic and orchestral counterpoints, on this second effort Dominguez makes room to include synthwave and soul-call it Ambient R&B. Much like the first album, “Timberline” is cinematic in scope but while “Supermoon” may have taken place within a forest, this follow up steps outside the timberline to explore new heights. Lead single “Through The Trees And Into Wide Open Landscapes” is a cinematic synth wave workout out of a futuristic neon drenched forest. The single and album will be available worldwide for purchase and streaming, December 7th, 2018.


Okay finally here we are reviewing the album and I would like to mention one thing that super duper hit and every single track of this album is super cool. And if I talk about my self that how was the experience while listening to the tracks of the album then it was superb I was feeling something new which I never felt before, It was something smooth, something natural and I can’t describe that in words.

I would suggest my readers to must check out this album and don’t forget to visit their website by clicking here.