This Poor Old Man Refused to Take 500 Rupees For Help

(Last Updated On: December 20, 2016)

This is the story of my friend Hamza Khan who lives in Lahore, Today he was going somewhere for his work while walking besides the Faisal Movers Terminal he saw an old man who was working there as a sweeper. He wanted to help that poor old man but he refused to take help from my friend. Let’s read the whole story below by his own words.

This Poor Old Man Refused to Take 500 Rupees For Help
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I think it was 10:47 am or around about the 11 when I was going to my work but there was too cold at early morning. When I reached the Faisal Movers Terminal, I saw an old man who was doing his work but the thing which make me shocked was that he didn’t even wear any sweater or coat in too much cold. I stopped there for a moment and was continuously looking at old man that how much hardworking is the old man who didn’t care about the the cold because his first priority was completion of his work so he can able to earn some bucks for his family.

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I went to old man and asked how can I help you uncle? His answer was; “Kher Ho Beta Itni Subah Subah Kider Ja Rhe Ho Sardi Bhi Boht Hai” while we are not known to eachother. However we had a cup of tea there and when I was leaving I took a note of 500 from my pocket and forwarded toward him as I wanted to help him. But the old man refused to take my help. I asked him why are you not taking it? He said; “Beta Agar Youn Hi Logo Se Madad Kay Liye Paise Lene lag Gaya To Phir Mujhe Waisa Sukoon Nahi Milna Jo Mehat Ki Kamayi Se Mil Raha Hai“.
Still I insisted him to take 500 rupees but he refused to take, but this thing make me to think that I should do something like for those people who are needy and are not able to do any work.
Note: It was the real story of my friend and this incident happened with him today. After a huge discussion we thought to create an organization named as “Give Happiness” and our main motto is to help the needy people so in this case we can share happiness with them. For donation and suggestion you can join our Facebook page by clicking here or via call at