This Pakistani Earned 115 Crore PKR on Internet

(Last Updated On: December 20, 2016)

I want to introduce you with a Pakistani who has earned the most online in Pakistan. This is a fascinating story of such a talented Pakistani who changed his lifestyle. He became famous not only in Pakistan but also in the whole world.

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His story was published in Business insider like famous International news sites. Pakistani media spotlighted him about 2 years back when he had earned just some millions of PKR. He has almost collected more than 110 crores PKR from 2012 and still making revenue. Many of you may know him, but I want to write about him again because there is a valuable lesson in this story for all those Pakistanis who daily searches the newspapers for Job opportunities. His earning proofs are public and anyone can see his theme price along with its sales on themeforest.

This Pakistani Earned 115 Crore PKR on Internet
Yeah, I am talking about Mohammad Haris – the famous Avada theme developer who has developed a WordPress theme and offered it on themeforest for $60 with eighteen dollars additional support fee. WordPress is an online platform for making websites while themeforest is an onilne Australian platform for buying and selling website templates, scripts, and themes. Mohammad Haris with his American partner developed Avada (The Swiss Army knife name) and till now its total sales on themeforest is 264,915 so far. Here you can see his public sales and states such as the total price and total sales of Themeforest.

How he earned more than 110 crores PKR?

Let me calculate the income that Avada made on themeforest. The total price of Avada (exclusive of $18 support fee) is $60. If we multiply it with 264915, it comes $15,894,900. By deducting the 30% Themeforest commission, it comes $11.126,430. By converting USD to PKR, it comes approximately 115 crore PKR. In this calculation, I did not include the profit from the Support fee. The net income per sale of Avada is 42$ without the 18 USD support price.
The Avada theme is still making sales on themeforest. Since the theme is created in August 2012, In four years it generated 115 crore PKR so the daily earning will be as 115 crores PKR divided by four years e.g 1460 days, till now it comes 1500 days. So the daily earning of Avada comes 7.7 Lacs.
Mohammad Haris has not only made a massive income online but he has also won the hearts of Pakistani people. He should be a role model for the young generation. We all Pakistani should be proud of Mohammad Haris who enlightened the name of Pakistan in the world. May Allah give him more success.
There are countless Pakistanis who are making full-time income online from their bedrooms. The purpose of sharing such a stories is to motivate the youth of Pakistan to come to the online fields. There are a lot of opportunities. According to my point of view, we Pakistanis give importance to the basic educations, but we don’t give value to the skills. It was the WordPress development skill that made Mohammad Haris a billionaire. Along with education degrees, we should also learn different skills such as typing, shorthand, website development, app development, blogging, SEO, online marketing, e-commerce, graphic designing, etc.

Note: It was a guest post written by Basit Khan who is currently running PackageOffer.Tk