The Story of ‘Mat Ja’ Nailed The Scene of the Video [Review]

(Last Updated On: August 28, 2015)

mat-jaa-song-reviewYou may heard many songs and also watched the videos of different songs but today I am going to share the Mat Ja Song Review which is produced by the collaboration of the Abida Parveen Studios and MNI Pro while the song mat ja is sung by a band of Kashmiri boys Brotherhoods. But before writing the review about the song I want to share the details of the song Mat Ja.

Mat Ja Song Details:

As above I mentioned that song is produced by  Abida Parveen Studios and MNI Pro while band is Brotherhoods and more information of the mat ja song is mentioned below;

Song: Mat Ja Band
Band: Brothers Hood
Singer : Ahmad Sagar
Rap: Ali Sagar
Direction: Bilal Mni | Athar Mni
Project Head : Sarang Latif Studios : Abida Parveen Studio
Abida Parveen Studio & MNI Pro Presentation

Mat Ja Song Review:

When the very first time I watched the video of the song then I didn’t get the story at the starting but as song was going on then I got to know that what is actually playing on the screen. So, after that I got all the story of the song and I was very surprised at that time. So, here I am going to share the Mat Ja Song Review.

Music & Vocals of Mat Ja Song Review:

Music and Vocals of the song are very important for a song to be hit on the chart. If any of one is not in good condition then that song will never hit on the media. As I am talking about the Mat Ja song then Voice, Music and Lyrics were outstanding. If anyone will ask me that how much points I will give to the song for music and vocals then definitely I will give 85 points out of 100.

I am negelecting remaining points for the Rap part of the song because I think there should more maturity in the rap. I am not saying that the wordings of the rap was not good or something else but the thing which I want to mention is that there should be something different in the rap. As other part of the song was not very fast then rap should also be matching with the other part of the song  but overall if you will listen then you will enjoy the mat ja song.

Video of Mat Ja Song Review:

The video was superb because if I put light on technical side  of the video of mat ja then everything of the video including capturing, mixing and mastering was outstanding.

Story of Mat Ja Song Review:

This is very important thing of this song, the story is some what complicated but it gives a strong message that we should respect women. The story of Mat Ja Song revolves around the three persons. The First one is the girl who is being raped in the video and the second one is Rapist while the third person has very  complicated personality.

In the start of the video you will see a dead body of the girl and a person who is looking of the dead body. After that real story took place in which you will see how the rapist did wrong things with the innocent girl while in the same time the third person is watching the scene but he is unable to help the girl because the that boy is already dead and its his soul who is looking all the things which is happening to the girl. I am not writing the full story because if you will read it by your self then you will be amazed.

The video of the Mat Ja Song is giving a very strong message that we should respect and protect the girls. For the message of the video and story I will hive 100 points out of 100.


Overall if we look on the song then we will feel that there is something different in the song and video. As now a days in music industry every second person is becoming the singer with their money but there is nothing like that you will also feel the same thing which I felt for the first time after watching the video. And if You think that their work is pretty good then share this song and article with your friends and family 🙂

Watch The Official Video Of Mat Ja by Brotherhoods

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