The Living Doll Have a Doll Now

(Last Updated On: March 7, 2019)

The cute viral sensation Miah Dhanani’s look alike doll is now available in market to purchase.

The Living Doll Have a Doll Now

Miah Dhanani became viral sensation here in Pakistan in very less time and she is brand ambassador of different top notch Pakistani brands. Now another version of Miah is all set to make shouts in town.

Miah Dhanani's Looks alike Doll

When we asked her mother what was Miah’s feeling when she got to know that someone wants to make a doll which looks alike her. She told us; “Miah is extremely excited and she feels very honored to have a doll that’s named after her and her looks. Miah has been called the living doll and now they have a doll of a doll.”

Miah Dhanani

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