The Associated People of Showbiz Industry Destroyed it : Sadaf Kanwal

(Last Updated On: February 3, 2018)

Lahore: Famous model and actress Sadaf Kanwal said that associated people with showbiz and film industry are responsible of it’s destruction who left it and then never looked back.

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“From last two decades Pakistani showbiz industry has faced a lot of hurdles and crisis, cinemas were getting vanished. Almost each and everything of the industry were crying but the sails were not of popular artists but of technicians  who donated their whole life to Pakistani showbiz industry” said the actress.

Sadaf further added “At that hard time of film industry many people left it for making their careers in TV and Fashion industry and they never looked back. So, in this case crisis could happened were sure.

Now a days conditions are getting changed, once again Pakistani film industry made their revival and people are giving huge response. For this I would say as a model I’ve done a lot of work but when I came to silver screen, the response was just wow.
In recent time we need to support each other, if we don’t support each other then how would change come? Sadaf added. So, in this article I just shared Latest Pakistani Showbiz News and I hope you liked it. Stay tuned with us for more exciting stuff.