TEDx Hosted a Successful Event for Women in Lahore

(Last Updated On: October 31, 2016)

Curated by and licensed to Irteza Ubaid, TEDxLahoreWomen is the first-ever TEDxWomen event to come out of Pakistan.

TEDx Hosted a Successful Event for Women in Lahore
“Our main aim for TEDxLahoreWomen was to bring together a variety of individuals who are tirelessly paving the way for the women in Pakistan,” stated the event’s curator, Irteza Ubaid. “Pakistan has received far too much negative press over the years; it’s time to change that. Through this event, I wanted to shine the spotlight on facets of society that truly believe in progress, change and the emancipation of the Pakistani woman. We hope TEDxLahoreWomen this year will inspire young women across Pakistan to not only reach for the stars, but to also, never, ever doubt what they’re capable of.”
Bringing together an incredible speaker list of individuals from the fields of music, science, social activism, entertainment, education, architecture and more, the TEDxLahoreWomen event focused on the achievements and tribulations of a diverse group of speakers during the course of their inspiring careers.

Attended by over three hundred TEDx enthusiasts from Lahore (and beyond) at TNS, DHA Phase 5, on the 29th of October, 2016, the city of Lahore was abuzz with excitement and anticipation.

The audience included entrepreneurs, engineers, technologists, students, journalists, bloggers, artists, writers, musicians, innovators and more.
TEDxLahoreWomen’s speaker list was as follows:
⦁ Zainab Chughtai
⦁ Salman Sufi
⦁ Sarah Zaman
⦁ Sophia Kasuri
⦁ Dr. Shagufta Feroz
⦁ Hala Bashir Malik
⦁ Faiza Saleem
⦁ Mahira Khan

Along with the speaker line-up, TEDxLahoreWomen was delighted to have performers Arfa Chaudhary, Jannat Sohail, Sarah Zaman, Sajjad Hussain and Zohaib Hassan spin their melodic magic for the audience.

About TED and TEDx

Launched in 1984 in the US, TED (short for Technology, Entertainment and Design) stands as one of the most renowned conferences in the world that features professionals to inspire and stir its audiences with hard-hitting talks delivered by professionals from each and every walk of life. From scientists, psychologists, musicians, astronauts and more – TED’s incredible talks present ideas ‘worth spreading,’ and are translated into over a hundred languages across the globe.
TEDx on the other hand, is an offshoot of TED, which allows anyone, anywhere in the world, to host independently organized events (once they’re granted a license) which are modeled around a similar TED format in a bid to aid communities and individuals to come together on one platform to encourage, motivate and stimulate.

*TEDxLahoreWomen’s partners included: Insignia, JS Bank, Grassroot, and CourtingTheLaw.