TaZzZ Achieved Best Pakistani Urban Rapper Award

(Last Updated On: September 5, 2015)

TaZzZ Achieved Best Pakistani Urban Rapper AwardThe man who took his start from his debut song Radha and produced many hit songs like Ayaan, Tear Drops, Tere Bin and many other are in the list, got an award for best rapper in Pakistani Music Award show. I want to say “Congratulation” to him and he well deserved for this award and beside all these Tanveer Ullah who is also known as TaZzZ made us proud by getting Best Rapper Award.

Let me give you little introduction him. As above  I mentioned that he took his start from Radha but before that TaZzZ was a Studio Master and produced many Songs  and Music for different well known artists like Raxstar, Humble The Poet, Words Ali, Elijah and many other artists. But after sometime he got to know that he can also do something else from just making music. So, he decided to make a song and for that he contact with different artists and made a song Radha which was the first song of him in which TaZzZ did rap. And after that he made different songs like Tear Drops, Tere Bina which became the super hit of the time. But the Ayaan Was the Biggest Song of TaZzZ in which he conveyed a great message. You can read Interview of TaZzZ on MuzEnt.Com

Watch The Official Video Of Ayaan

So, in this article I shared a news in which you got to know that TaZzZ got Best Rapper Award for Pakistan and I think this news will make you happy because he made whole Pakistan proud. Check out the Chal Mere Naal produced by him and one thing more that he is planning to drop another song which be more bigger than the Ayaan.

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