Taazi Releases a Satirical Video on World Intellectual Property Day!

(Last Updated On: April 27, 2017)

On the World’s Intellectual Property Day, Taazi is releasing a much-needed and inspirational video highlighting the importance of protecting the intellectual property rights for artist’s business and livelihood.

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The video is a spray of entertainment and an injection of awakening to the truth. The video makes a strong statement and is satirical in manner. The video highlights the importance of intellectual property in music. It is directed by the multi-talented actor & director, Usman Mukhtar.

Taazi Releases a Satirical Video on World Intellectual Property Day!
The music we enjoy today comes from the inspiration and hard work of thousands of creative people around the world which includes singers and songwriters, musicians and publishers, producers, arrangers, engineers and many others. They engrave their creativity piece by piece into the art with tremendous effort.
Taazi attempts to revolutionize the Pakistani music industry, by giving power back to the artists. It is a ground breaking one of its kind platform made by musicians keeping in mind the needs of musicians in the music industry. Taazi is the only music platform in Pakistan that offers monetization of digital content through its unique mobile billing system and ad-based streaming.
In a market infested with piracy, Taazi is an initiative that allows artists to sell their music and earn money from streams and downloads. The local music industry has been devastated by piracy and Taazi is a platform that allows artists to take back control of their work and monetize their music.
Taazi has legal contracts with Pakistani music Artists and Record Labels to distribute and sell their content online through Taazi platform. These artists and record labels have empowered Taazi to take legal action to remove their content from platforms where it has been illegally uploaded.
The long term goal of Taazi is to tackle piracy in the retail shops. For this Haroon, the founder of Taazi, is bringing on board a number of international and local organizations and media partners. Haroon is also a board member of Pakistan Copyright Board, working closely with IPO Pakistan (Intellectual Property Organization of Pakistan) and WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) to help set up Pakistan’s first royalty collection organization.
April 26th, 2017 is World Intellectual Property Day. Pakistan is among the world leaders in piracy & copyright violation.