T-Series Official Youtube Channel Got Unverified

(Last Updated On: June 15, 2016)

You will hardly find any person who is not aware to T-series, because T-series is the one of the biggest record label in india which is releasing a lot of tracks on daily basis from bollywood movies and independent artist. But unfortunately the official youtube channel of Tseries got unverified today.
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It was a big shock to every person that how tseries youtube channel can be unverfied while it’s a big brand.  You might think that It would be a fake news because I also thought same when I heard about this but when I went to see their channel then the blue tick next to their name was not present. So, I got to know that it’s true that Tseries youtube channel has been unverified. You can see below on screenshot.

Tseries Official Youtube Channel Got Unverified
Now this question raised that why it got unverified. So, here is the simplest answer of this question. “Tseries was getting some fake views on their videos and there were some copyrighted material and when Youtube authorities got to know about all this then they unverified the offciaial channel of Tseries on YouTube”