T-Series Been Caught Stealing J Star’s Song ‘Na Na Na Na’ For Upcoming Bollywood Movie ‘Raabta’

(Last Updated On: May 25, 2017)

We know that promotion of an new bollywood movie Raabta is on it’s peak and recently they released Main Tera Boyfriend under the banner of T-Series music company. Wait for a second, did J Star’s Na Na Na Na clicked in your mind? Yes, this is the remake of same track in the voice of Arjit Singh and Neha Kakar but unfortunately neither producers of Raabta movie nor T-series asked for permission from J star for using this track in their movie. Moreover they didn’t bother to give credits to actual owner of the track i.e J Star.

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Watch Main Tera Boyfriend Song Video

Today we are going to reveal the black face of T-Series and Bollywood movies that they are doing in reality. Main Tera Boyfriend is the remake of Na Na Na Na which was a punjabi song sung by J Star, released independently two years back. This track crossed mark of 84 million views on YouTube which is not a small thing for an independent artist. And now T-Series and producers of Raabta movie are using this song without getting permission.

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Look what j Star has posted on his official fan page

Not just they made remake of Na Na Na Na but they also reined the track by adding some worst lyrics penned down by Kumar. No doubt Neha Kakkar and Arjit Singh are inspiration for many young artists but if big music companies will keep stealing content of independent artists then their talent would die before reaching the big screen.

This is not for first time they steal song of any artist but they have done this thing before many time, Main Tenu Samjhawan Ki by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan is also an example, but till this time no strict action has been taken, But now it’s enough, we will not sit silence. We all are standing besides J star in his hard time and we will run a hardcore campaign against T-Series on social media. I am also an independent artist and I will never ever allow anyone to take my talent away as they have done with J star. I also want my other underground and independent artists for supporting this cause. Please share this article on your respected social media platform by using these hashtags #IStandWithJStar , #BanTSeries

Article Credits: Mudassar Qureshi

And here is the original music video of Na Na Na Na by J Star