Summers Ovver and Tre Kent to Release New Single, “Trust Issues”

(Last Updated On: January 16, 2021)

Summers Ovver and Tre Kent are coming out with their long awaited song, “Trust Issues”. The hip-hop and R&B influenced single is slated to release this October 2 and fans can’t just wait. For those men and women who find it difficult to come to terms with important matters in their lives, the new single puts into lyrics and some cool melodies the way to get around all differences!

Summers Ovver and Tre Kent to Release New Single, “Trust Issues”

Composed and set to music with the passion that is now synonymous with Summers Ovver and Tre Kent, this new single proves why they always get fans listening to their streams. ‘Trust Issues’ get straight to the point about what pisses off women the most, and how they have to go around proving themselves so that they can gain their men’s trust. This single is for them all and will be liked by men for its universal appeal.

“We invite you to take a look at our new single that’s dropping soon. Trust Issues will make you put the song on a loop and listen to it many times. It’s the proof in the pudding that we are serious about what we do,” says Summers Ovver.

The track has been produced by Summers Ovver, and the vocals are by Tre Kent. Summers Ovver is an R&B producer based in Salisbury, MD, and Tre Kent is based in St Louis, Missouri. Their teamwork is amply demonstrated in the track, which has samples from PARTYNEXTDOOR and Rihanna’s ‘Believe It’.

The previous singles by Summers Ovver include ‘Slow on You’, ‘Song for You’, and ‘Synergy’. Tre Kent is known for singles such as ‘Do You Care?’, ‘Ready’, ‘What My Name Is?’, and ‘Bitches n Ice Cream’.

For everyone stuck at home, feeling isolated or needing a refreshing touch of new music, ‘Trust Issues’ will rekindle old memories and will boost up the mood to face life afresh with new vigor. It’s time to even out all creases, sort out the issues, and re-establish trust. ‘Trust Issues’ is here to do just that.

Listen to ‘Trust Issues’:

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