Yaara – The King Of Kota brings ‘Chambal K Chhore’

(Last Updated On: March 27, 2018)

Although hundreds of shabby houses lined up next to each other & congested bylanes are not far from how Chambal is, there is an interesting vibe to every gully.

Straight Outta Chambal - Yaara is Blazing Guns

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Real gangsters in the hood, goons popping bullets at each other & the land of heinous crimes. Chambal is a nightmare for most. Now, this might come across as a surprise for you but there lies a rapper midst of all the drama – who has combined all the funky elements and come up with an anthem – #ChambalKe.

When asked YAARA said ‘ Desi Riwaaz, Desi Libaaz Ki Baat Alag Hai, We’re ruling the world in every sector. Music Se Kyon Peeche Hattein ‘. YAARA who owns several businesses in one of the busiest markets in the town is also a super-talented rapper/ singer/music producer who aims to crush the stereotypes of boys from small towns amounting to nothing. and spread positivity through his music.

The video has been directed by Aadil Rizvi – the owner of A-Riz Productions. It is a popular production house based out of Kota. The video is getting mad love from the local thugs and students.