Skullraiser’s Batman Beyond Melee is just WOW

(Last Updated On: March 4, 2019)

It’s been a long time we have not reviewed any song or album but today we are back again with a fantastic song Batman Beyond Melee which is produced by Skullraiser. So, today we are sharing the review with our loyal readers.

Before we get into the review here is what producer is saying; ”
To be 100 percent honest, I was thinking of the Batman Beyond tv show; it’s known as Batman of The Future outside of the united states.”

Let me tell You guys that I am listening to this song from last day on repeat mode and I just fell in love with this track. I am not getting the words to describe my feeling for the song.

From music to mixing and mastering, every thing is on the perfect scale. Overall this song is superb. And I would recommend You to get this track by click here.