SK Productions Are Planning To Jump In The Leading Production Companies

(Last Updated On: August 7, 2015)

SK Productions Are Planning To Jump In The Leading Production CompaniesThere are many leading production companies which are producing Photoshoots, Audio and Video for their clients. SK Productions is one of the newest production company which will give a hard time to its competitors. I am not saying it from my self or for promoting them but I have seen their work that’s why I said that they will give hard time to other production companies.

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The first audio and video produced by them was about a Punjabi song Blade featuring Sofia Kaif and Kaali, and they have shoot many photographs of different well known and underground models. Today in this article I will introduce the SK Productions to my loyal reads so, in future if any of our read wants to produce his own song or video so He/She can contact them 🙂

Introduction of SK Productions:

First of all I want to give introduction of the company that where is it based and about the owner and team etc.

Sk Productions is the Rawalpindi/ Islamabad based production company which are providing Audio & Video Productions. Did I mention photography? yeah they are providing these three basic things on very cheap rates as compare to their competitors while the professionalism of them is better than any other production company. Besides these three SK Productions are also providing On-Location Audio Support, Advertising Audio Production as well.

Products of SK Productions:

As above I have mentioned about the Audio/Video and Photography and now I am going to tell you that actually what above three products contain. And will also tell you about the other products which SK Productions produced in low rates.

Photography by SK Productions:

If I talk about the photography then it will never be meant that they will shoot you by a ordinary DSLR camera as other people and companies are doing. Nay, SK Productions will make you to say “Haan Bhai Yeh Hai Asli Photography”. Now move to the side of booking then anyone can book them for;

  • In-Studio Photography
  • On-Location Photography
  • Advertising Photography

Audio Production:

This thing on which I am talking about is the greatest product of SK Productions. Because their team work very hard to bring something which should be listen worthy.

If you gonna deal with them for any type of audio production then I will say you are going on the best path 😉 ohh shit I forgot to mention what their audio production contain 🙁

  • In-Studio Recording
  • On-Location Recording
  • Radio Commercial
  • Soundtracks

Video Production:

Yes! SK Productions are also proving you opportunity to produce your own professional video for anything which you desire for. They will make perfect and professional video shot for you and your brand in very less rates as compare to their competitors.

Other Products of SK Productions:

SK Productions are also offering many other productions about those I don’t  know anything but here you can read what else they are offering;

  • Conventions
  • Annual meetings
  • Seminars
  • Training sessions
  • Company meetings

Work of SK Production:

Now you will be thinking about me that I can talk about perfectly? Then answer is that I have seen their work and I want you to see also their work and then decide I was saying true or not. First I will post a video song produced by SK Productions featuring Sofia Kaif and after that I will share some photographs produced by their team.
Sofia Kaif Feat Kaali ‘Blade’ Produced by SK Productions


High Quality Photography of SK Productions





Contact Info:

If you want to contact them then you can visit their official website @ . You will also find more details about them on their own site regarding booking or other things 🙂

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