Sindbad introduces More Fun at Dolmen Mall Tariq Road

(Last Updated On: May 27, 2017)

On 14th May 2017 Sindbad hosted an event for bloggers and Celebrity moms to have a fun day out with their families at their Dolmen Mall Clifton and Tariq Road outlet for Mother’s Day.

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Sindbad at Dolmen Mall Tariq Road opened in 2011, with games and attractions for families with young children. Seeing the growing demand for entertainment for the entire family, the management decided to extend their outlet. This year Sindbad introduced new bumper cars and renovated the outlet with a new themed look.

Sindbad introduces More Fun at Dolmen Mall Tariq Road

“The jungle themed look of the outlet plays with a child imagination, and we have included models of different amazon and African birds in our design to make it more educational” said the CEO Ms. Sidra Nadeem.

The bumper cars are unlike any other bumper cars available in Karachi, as they not only move back and forth but also have a spin function. These cars also have a laser game embedded in them, where players can shoot at other cars while driving and send them in a spin, while earning points for themselves. The scoreboard is up on display inside the bumper car arena. “The best part about these cars is that the whole family can enjoy them together and they cater to an age range from six to sixty!” said Sindbad Marketing Manager, Sana Khan.

Sindbad introduces More Fun at Dolmen Mall Tariq Road

Sindbad at Dolmen Mall Clifton attracted presence of celebrity moms and their children along with a number of socialites who celebrated memorable MOMents with their loved ones. The guests were invited to try out the games and the new attractions. Hospitality was extended from food court partners and restaurants along with memorabilia distribution. Mothers were encouraged to participate with their children.