Sasu Mangay by Naseebo Lal & Umair Jaswal, [EP 1 Coke Studio 9]

(Last Updated On: August 26, 2016)

Here is the first song of Coke Studio 9 and we are the first to share it for our loyal readers, So enjoy the Sansu Mangay by Neesbo Lal & Umair Jaswal from Coke Studio 9, Episode 1.

Sasu Mangay Kukri


Sasu Mangay Kukari by Neesbo Lal & Umair Jaswal Song Credits:

Track: Sasu Mangay,
Artists: Naseebo Lal & Umair Jaswal,
Episode: Episode 1,
Season: Coke Studio 9
Music : Shiraz Uppal
Produced by Strings

Story of the Song:

The composition and the music of “Sasu Mangay” immediately carry you to the desolate deserts of Rajasthan, where the folk song originated. Maneuvering between the contrasting territory of folk and soft rock genres, the collaboration calls Naseebo Lal and Umair Jaswal’s distinctive talents to the surface. Whilst the musicians and the house band lay the foundation comprising mouth rhythms and traditional instruments to create an addictive hook line – the acoustic rhythm of the track with Naseebo’s impeccable vocal range gently merge into the western chord progression when Jaswal’s beasty vocals make an appearance, gelling seamlessly into one another.

Watch Sasu Mangay by Naseebo Lal & Umair Jaswal #CokeStudio9 Video