Sammohit killing the Scene in ‘Basera Hai Mera Ye’

(Last Updated On: January 26, 2018)

Basera by SAMMOHIT isn’t your usual chopper flow murmur – neither is it, the lyrical-miracle-pinacle mimic of western hip hop. It is an insightful track, where the artiste goes on a self search and comes back with these flows and hook that punches your brain cells with those addictive vibes #BaseraHaiMeraYe

Sammohit killing the Scene in 'Basera Hai Mera Ye'

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The music is a bootlegged version of Dr Dre classic & SAMMOHIT does nothin but, pure justice to it. We, at Muzent got to hear an unreleased raw version – It was sick! Raw vocal feel dem, ya know. The last, but obviously not the least – The visuals – None other than PRATIK YADAV – Slayed it with his camera tricks and sick visuals.. Gotta contact him for more of these sick videoz! He not only did that, but also the man behind the label AAVRUTTI RECORDS..

Overall, this funky and street brag tracm with hardcore visuls will keep you buzzin