Role of College Girl is Not Perfect for Me; Bipasha Basu

(Last Updated On: January 4, 2016)

B-town’s most sizzling actress and model BipasRole of College Girl is not perfect for me; Bipasha Basuha Basu said I didn’t see any big star for movie but I did movies after seeing my character in that movie. Talking about her recent movie “Alone” she said; “I don’t sign movies for big stars but after watching my role then I decides about the film.

There were many actresses who worked with Shahrukh, Salman and Amir within one or two movie but after that they are vanished from the scene.

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Gracy Singh and me started our career together. She worked in modern classic movie of amir “Lagaan” but from that day to onward where is she? While I am still working and I am happy with my movies.

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In this age role of a college girl will never ever suit me so I don’t want to be work in those type of movies in which my role is of a college girl. I spent more than 14 years in bollywood industry and this is very difficult for anyone to stand and work without any help of anyone but I am still happy. She also told that she is role model for her sisters.

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