Rodrigo Rocha to Play leading role in ‘SSW of the Border’

(Last Updated On: October 18, 2019)

Today we are not sharing any music album review but yeah we are about to share interesting news with our loyal readers. Guess what? Rodrigo Rocha is all set to play leading role in upcoming movie SSW of the Border which would be released in 2020.

Rodrigo Rocha to Play leading role in 'SSW of the Border'

According to our sources we came to know that production of the movie has been started from first quarter of 2019 and it would be released next year.

Now if we talk about the upcoming movie ‘SSW Of The Border’ then it’s directed by Felipe Bretas and Bruno Vieira. As we already know that Rodrigo Rocha is playing leading role in this movie, while rest of the casts include Kayky Brito, Zhubin Rahbar, Eduardo Magalhaes, Dani Antunes, Eben Reinhardt, Joao Gevaerd, Dimi Papas, Kenzie Dodds, Rhaina Rodovalho, and Juliana Amador.

We are looking forward to ‘SSW Of The Border’ so we could watch Rodrigo Rocha on big screen asap. Till that stay tuned by following Rodrigo on Instagram and Facebook.