“Rock the Chandeliers” Album Review

(Last Updated On: November 2, 2018)

It’s Friday and guess today what  we have for you on our blog? Today I am going to share the review of superb album Rock the Chandeliers by Curtis Newart but before that I would you to get to know more about the album.

"Rock the Chandeliers" Album Review

Rock the Chandeliers Album Info

So, here we are sharing the more information about the album.

Title: Rock the Chandeliers
Artist: Curtis Newart

Tracks List:

01 Rock the Chandeliers
02 Confetti and Beachballs
03 Down the Garden Path
04 Perverse
05 Superhuman
06 Lost in Light
07 Fork in the Outlet
08 Thru the Keyhole
09 Man on the Moon
10 Trippin’ on the High Horse

Rock the Chandeliers Review

And now finally here we are sharing the review of Rock the Chandeliers and we will divide it into several more parts.

Music & Vocals

First of all I would talk about the music and vocals of Curtis Newart. Music of the whole album is lit as fire and if you pick any song whether it’s title track or Trippin’ on the High Horse, vocals are on exact point on music. In short I will say this album can make you groove yourself.


Ohh How can I forget to talk about the lyrics because lyrics are the essential part of the song. And personally I liked the lyrics of the whole Album and one thing I can bet about this album You will fall in love with the lyrics of the songs if you listen them carefully.

Final Words

Now at end of the article I want to mention one thing that the album is a complete package and you won’t stop yourself to groom over it. You can listen this whole album on spotify by clicking here.