Reema Just Broke Silence about her Married Life

(Last Updated On: March 5, 2019)

For the first time ever Pakistan’s eminent actress Reema just broke silence about her married life and revealed a lot of secrets.

Reema Khan

Recently Reema Khan was invited in Sameena Pirzada’s show “Speak Your Heart” where she talked about difficulties about her life. She told; “My father lost his job and for helping him out I had to join where I got a lot of success. Unfortunately I couldn’t complete my studies but I made my sisters to get higher education”

While talking about her married life Reema said; “It was second day of my wedding and my husband went to hospital and I was thinking Whether he didn’t like me or why did he go to hospital but he proved me wrong. He is such a dedicated person toward his work.”

“When I was getting married there were some rumors in the air that my husband Dr Tariq is already married and had a child but there was nothing like that. He is elder in his family and he got married late just like me and now we have son of age four years and our family is now completed.” She added.

You can watch her latest interview with sameena pirzada below. Stay tuned with us for more latest Pakistani showbiz news updates.