Rawalpindi Girl Aina Qureishi is the New Miss Pakistan World 2021

(Last Updated On: June 3, 2021)

When asked about why she participated in the Miss Pakistan World 2021 pageant held virtually in the pandemic, she stated, “For me this has always been a dream ever since I was a young girl, the idea of being on a platform like Miss Pakistan World that so accords you with the respect and love of your nation along with the responsibility of being a representative for so many people, is something that I wanted. I have always been in particular a fan of platforms for the female perspective, as well as the strong women that such platforms have enabled. So, for me it was not ‘on-the-spur of the moment’ decision but something I always knew I had to do one day.”

On asking how she feels becoming the 18th Miss Pakistan World, she said, “It is actually a very surreal moment for me and I don’t think I have fully managed to wrap my head around it. Of course, I am also overjoyed, and deeply honored to be in a manner the face of so many people especially the youth, and I wish to carry out my duty to represent them accurately and with dignity. It is a great responsibility and a great honor.”

She further added, “I greatly respect all the queens who have carried this title before me, and I shall certainly be doing my best to fill in their footsteps. I shall be looking to my predecessors for guidance too. But one thing I will do differently is that a lot of the past titleholders have opted to be crowned wherever they are based but I will be traveling out of Italy to Pakistan so I can be crowned on Pakistani soil, which is very important to me.”

President of Miss Pakistan World, Sonia Ahmed said, “I am very happy to see the Miss Pakistan World pageant alive during the pandemic and the tremendous efforts made by the winners to do charity work as well as various activities. The pandemic has made us completely dependent on social media for all our work! I am very happy that Aina Qureishi is the 18th Miss Pakistan World and we have great plans for her for many international pageants. We want to change a lot of things for the Miss Pakistan World pageant system and one of them would be to acquire bigger grounds in the pageant world. The 2021 year is a big year for us, as we have introduced and brought about a lot of changes. So overall I am personally very excited for this year!”

Ahmed further added, “The crowning ceremony is being planned in Lahore, Pakistan and hopefully Pakistan will be doing greater things in the coming months for the pageant industry of Pakistan.”

Aina Qureishi, Miss Pakistan World 2021, has already started focusing on pageant activities and will be travelling around the world representing Pakistan in various international pageants as well as doing charity work for women’s rights and animal rights in Pakistan.

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