Rap Demon About To Hit The Mainstream

(Last Updated On: September 7, 2016)

Abdullah Malik aka Rap Demon is about to Hit The Mainstream. Any Guess How? No? Let me tell you that why I wrote that Rap Demon About To Hit The Mainstream? Because recently Raftaar shared one of his song Kill Em With Kindness which is huge shoutout to an underground rapper from a mainstream artist.

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Rap Demon About To Hit The Mainstream

As We know Abdullah Malik is killing the scene since He participated in They-See Battle League & Murdered A guy named Raamis Ali. Rap Demon collaboration with many artists and gave many hits to underground scene. His songs includes Like Shell Shocked (Remix) with Guru Lahori, Talk Hiphop with Rapo, Tu Ne Mere Jana with Young Stunners, Salvo with Farast Anees & Young Stunners.

Recently Raftaar Shared Kill Em With Kindness on his facebook page and the screenshot of the post is mentioned below.

Kill Em With Kindness

He Seriously Killed Em With Kindness Hot Bars Perfect Flow Unique Style & Another Thing This One Is Produced Written Recorded & Music Video Done By Him.