Ramz-e-Ishq Ep 21 In Review : Will Rayan and Roshni Ever Be One?

(Last Updated On: November 28, 2019)

For the past 21 weeks we have been glued to the Mikaal Zulfiqar and Hiba Bukhari starrer Ramz-e-Ishq which week after week gets entangled in a new twist as in the latest episode we saw Rania trying her best to win Rayan over by being extra sweet to Roshni who recently lost her mother .

Written by Misbah Nosheen , her stories are relatable as they deal with family politics and love triangles through relatable dialogues which enable the audience to form a emotional connection with all . Fast paced and directed well by Siraj ul Haq , 7th Sky Entertainment has churned out another hit drama in our eyes which is a perfect blend of emotions and rivalry .

So how was this weeks episode ? Well we personally loved it as Roshni played by Hiba deals with her loneliness with grace and doesnt make her relationship with Rayan public as she knows that he is engaged to Rania (Kiran Haq) who by the way is vey cunning and leaves no chance of trying to put Roshni down every chance she gets but Roshni being a sweetheart does not let that effect her and continues to lead her life with her head down .

With the episode revolving around the trio lets see what next week has in store as Umar played by Gohar Rasheed has faced a heartbreak in London and will be coming back but having divorced Roshni will they patch up or will Rayan finally take the plunge to let all know that he in fact loves Roshni and not Rania is what we honestly cant wait to see as we have a feeling that next weeks episode will be quite an explosive one as Rania urges Rayan to choose the wedding card which he does not want to do at all!

Over all , Mikaal and Hiba share amazing on screen chemistry and Kiran plays a negative character with ease and watching the trio blend in to their charaters with ease makes Ramz-e-Ishq a must watch every Monday night at 8 pm only on Geo TV for us.