Rabab Hashim: A New Rebellious Face of a Woman

(Last Updated On: July 22, 2016)

Being featured in an extraordinary character in the drama serial Manchali, Rabab Hashim came forward as a fighter and a rebellious girl in the new drama serial “Marzi” and appeared as Manaal, in which she raise voice against her dominating and ruling brother-in-law, who is extremely rich and tries to control every dynamics of Manaal and her family’s lives.

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Rabab Hashim A New Rebellious Face of a Woman
Rabab Hashim due to her strong personality and firm expressions, she is ideal for a character which is very determined and rebelling. This character of Manaal is a great aspiration for the women of our society against the unjust domination and control. There are many people in our society, rich and poor alike are being suppressed in all matters of life. Whether it is in terms of professional life or personal, they are bound to carry orders no matter what and even if they try to do something upon their own wish, they are punished.

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In this drama Rabab is breaking the stereotypes that how powerful a woman can be and how for the sake of her family and love, rise up against the clutches of her extreme bossy brother-in-law.