Public Reaction Over Urwa Hocane’s Singing

(Last Updated On: December 2, 2016)

In one of our previous post we’ve shared Ao Lay Kar Chaloun by Urwa Hocane which is her debut entry in music industry but she failed badly. Because Urwa don’t know any thing about music and singing but she just followed the trend of being singer like other Pakistani actress like Matheera, Mehwish Hayat, Veena Malik. But Farhana Maqsood is the only actress turned model which can sing in a professional way, You can also check Meri Maa by Farhana Maqsood on our blog.

Public Reaction Over Urwa Hocane's Singing

In this article we will talk about the Public Reaction Over Urwa Hocane’s Singing and what did they feel when they heard Ao Lay Kar Chaloun for very first time. So, here we go;

Read Public Reaction Over Urwa Hocane’s Singing:

First of all we will share a tweet of Ammar Raja who claimed Urwa as the female version of Tahir Shah.

Zubair Malik gave a piece of advice to her that Urwa Hocane should focus on her acting skill rather than becoming a part time singer because she’s killer as a model.

Ouho 😮 Urwa can you imagine a girl didn’t listen your song but she watched?

So, it was people reaction over Urwa Hocane’s latest song Ao Lay Kar Chaloun. However you can also obverse by watch the song video below. And don’t forget to share your feeling and reaction for Ao Lay Kar Chaloun with us. Stay Tuned with MuzEnt for more exciting content.