PUBG Banned in Pakistan is a Good or Bad Step?

(Last Updated On: July 12, 2020)

Ban is a word now being used by everyone nowadays. It is a limitation over something which we use, especially related to technology. PUBG temporarily got banned in Pakistan. Several other countries banned PUBG in the past too. The case reported in Pakistan was about addiction and suicide.

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The court banned PUBG giving the facts that this game is harmful to society. About 70 per cent of youngsters played this game, and most of them earned their livelihood by playing this game.

Is Banning PUBG a better Option?

Banning something related to technology is such foolishness. Some parents say that it is spoiling their children, but it has written in the user agreement that PUBG players must be above 17 years. In my opinion, it is the responsibility of the parents to provide their children something else for keeping themselves busy. The children are getting bored sitting and doing nothing these days and having no activities to do.

Banning technology and such apps will only be lost to Pakistan. The gaming platform is the forthcoming greatest industry in the World. We are already too low in the department of science and technology. Banning games is not the choice, preferably, doing something alternative is the most reliable approach.

There is unemployment, poverty, low literacy rate, hundreds of students commit suicide every year. No solution to these social issues had found out. Despite finding new ways and means for youngsters, banning the platform from which most of them were earning a livelihood is such foolishness.

Strategies must be applied to overcome social issues and providing a platform for youngsters to earn their livelihood. The Ban on PUBG in Pakistan must get lifted by giving an alternative solution for making the young children busy.