Portgas D Sherry All Set To Release ‘Summer 17 EP’

(Last Updated On: April 28, 2017)

Portgas D Sherry a.k.a Young Sherry is planning to release his next EP called Summer 17 on 30th, May.

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Portgas D Sherry All Set To Release 'Summer 17 EP'

Tracks List of Summer 17

  1. Young Picasso
  2. Prearmageddon
  3. Seekh
  4. Koh-E-Noor
    This ep is about the ART of lyricism, music and personal issues he faced becoming an artist from desi society, producing all original content and and being the only realest in game is what Desi emceez brag about.
    As of Young sherry he’s just doing what he love. make sure you approach desi emceez listen what they bringing to game.