People Would Relate My Verse As a Diss to Many Rappers : Aqeel Sarfraz

(Last Updated On: May 7, 2017)

Gawky Records is all set to drop his upcoming track Lahori Underdogs, we caught him and had a short interview about his upcoming song. So, here we go;

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People Would Relate My Verse As a Diss to Many Rappers : Aqeel Sarfraz

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Q: Lahori Underdogs is your next track, which type of song it’s going to be? Have you dissed someone in it?

Ans: Took few shots on some rappers who have been taking shots at the underground and challenging them to do something better than them, so i guess people would relate my verse as a diss to many rappers in the spotlight currently.

Q: As now you are part of Gawky Records, so how are you feeling while working with them?

Ans: Brotherhood, Loyalty, Ups and Downs at the end a true Family. Blessed!

Q: Where you guys have taken the shots for video?

Ans: The music video is shot in Lahore and you guys will find a very rare concept of each artist representing the area where they live, as M.ZHE directed the video he wanted the real Lahori Underdog feel in the video of each verse and suggested the name of the track as well before getting the project ready as a prediction.

Q: Let us know something about your future projects

Ans: I can’t really announce something currently but all i can tell you guys is all i do is make music all day. Many collabs and many tracks has been done i just wait for the right track to hit me so i finalize it to release it, otherwise it stays in the rough projects folder forever.