Parwaaz (Pardhaan Diss) by AK-47 The Rapper

(Last Updated On: December 21, 2016)

Afzaal Khan Abdali aka AK-47 The Rapper is back again with a brand new hiphop song Parwaaz (Pardhaan Diss) in which he is dissing Pardhaan against his latest song Unhe Chod Do. So, today we are going to share the brand new song Parwaaz by AK-47 The Rapper and I hope you gonna support it for sure.

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Parwaaz (Pardhaan Diss) by AK-47 The Rapper

Parwaaz (Pardhaan Diss) Song Credits:

Track : Parwaaz
Artist : AK-47 The Rapper
Lyrics : Afzaal Khan
Music : NY Bangers
Untagged By : Nelson Flores
Mix & Master : Kleshn Music
Video Edit : Make Me Arts

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It is just start of war against Pardhaan and very soon he will got massive response from underground world once again. However till that enjoy the latest song Parwaaz but make sure to spread this song with all of your friends.

Listen Parwaaz by AK-47 The Rapper